How Theta Healing® has changed me

Since weeks and months I dont have time to take a book and read it. Not that I hate books, but I take the time for other things: sometimes for cooking, for writing, or dive in the theta wave and get answers from my questions or watch series/movies.

In the past I read lots of books. Maximum 10 books in a month or maybe more. That was a lot of stress. I loved to read. I spent my whole time and was holing up in the fantasy world. The Real world played still again and I wasnt there. In the meantime I dont read at all. I dont need it. I dont miss it,

I dont want to make stress to say „I have to read“ so that I read a book in one month. Theta Healing has changed me.

I dont take a trip in the future and being nonstop there. Finally I arrived in here and now. I live in hear and now. And use the enegry for the important thing that brought me here.

I feel snugged, safe and protected.

I got more energy for some things, for my things. In the past it would have been unthinkable.

Theta Healing® changes my relationship between my, my people. And improved. Some trigger points dont trigger me that much. But I am still working on myself.

If you want to support me, so I can visit other seminares from Theta Healing®:

Bankverbindung für Unterstützungen: Moira Heim Commerzbank Meerbusch IBAN; DE43320400240106651300 BIC: COBADEFFXXX

Are you curious?
Do you want to change your life positive?

You can book me cuz of a theta healing session

Thank you for reading til the end.

Lots of Love


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