Why I recommend Theta Healing®

Why I recommend Theta Healing®

Without Theta Healing® and God, I wouldnt be here. Without Theta Healing® I would have had the same problem in the last 10 years. The Conflicts, the trigger, that I had in my entire years, were solved from God.

I did let my anger theme go and feel new and fine. The people are friendlier, peacefully. Things dont trigger me, because I accepted and learned to stay with me.

Theta Healing® helped me.

  • Hate, anger, Grudge, to let it go. I feel much better
  • people to accept who they are, and which opinion they have
  • Conflicts with people to heal it. Give the acestories the downloads
  • to respect myself. Without the respect tomyself, the people wouldnt respect me.
  • punctual cycle
  • to love myself and to love my body and accept it
  • to hear the voice of God and trust him and
  • to learn to understand the intuition
  • attract the right people in my life, who make me strong and believe in me, that I can do it.
  • Positive lightful people.

If I have convinced you, you can book me now for a Theta Session,

I cant wait to hear from you.

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